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Light Strike Productions is gearing up to film commercial short film "Can't Hang."

Texas based Light Strike Productions, is currently in pre-production to film the commercial short film "Can't Hang" for client WORDSMITH GRAFFIX.

The short story will follow the events of two young men who end up in race to the finish as they pursue the affections of a beautiful woman. As they jockey for position to win the foot race and the hand of the girl, one will fall victim to his substandard choice in high-top sneakers.

The Short film, will serve as a "proof of concept," that will act as a vehicle for the trademarked catch-phrase "Can't Hang." The shot film will be distributed online with he goal of reaching a wide viral audience and ultimately potential end licensers of the "Cant Hang" catchphrase, such as Nike, Adidas, and UnderArmor.

The Production will film in Beaumont Texas early July 2017.

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